Now You Can Finally Stop Throwing Your Money Away And Start Investing Instead... Whether you are a total novice who wants to start making simple profits from racing or a seasoned professional looking to increase the profitability of your portfolio, this system is definitely for you.

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Jan + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 16.0 pts + 14.0 pts + 17.0 pts + 9.0 pts
Feb + 9.5 pts + 28.0 pts + 3.1 pts + 12.0 pts + 15.0 pts + 11.0 pts + 10.0 pts
Mar - 6.5 pts + 31.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 18.0 pts + 15.0 pts - 37.0 pts - 7.0 pts
Apr + 0.1 pts + 28.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 4.0 pts - 4.0 pts + 17.0 pts
May + 11.2 pts + 31.0 pts + 27.0 pts + 14.0 pts - 12.0 pts + 17.0 pts
Jun + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 23.0 pts - 8.0 pts + 15.0 pts + 16.0 pts
Jul + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 1.0 pts - 5.0 pts + 16.0 pts - 15.0 pts
Aug - 6.5 pts + 31.0 pts + 24.0 pts + 19.0 pts + 2.0 pts + 18.0 pts
Sep + 29.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 3.0 pts - 12.0 pts + 18.0 pts + 20.0 pts
Oct + 31.0 pts + 19.0 pts - 21.0 pts + 3.0 pts + 22.0 pts + 23.0 pts
Nov + 30.0 pts + 16.1 pts + 8.0 pts + 20.0 pts + 12.0 pts + 12.0 pts
Dec + 26.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 19.0 pts + 15.0 pts - 17.0 pts + 10.0 pts

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With this battle-tested, proven system you can expect...

Consistent 98% Strike Rate (backing not laying)

Over 800 points profit to date since January 2006

Easy Step-By-Step, Do This, Do That Instructions

No Need To Study Form, Jockeys, Courses, Or Anything Else For That Matter

Over 3 And a Half Years Of Fully Verifiable Proven Results

Can be 100% automated using the FP System™ betting bot

"The Only System On The Planet
Which Completely Takes The Guesswork
Out Of Stop-At-A-Winner"


"So, do we here at OBE recommend The FP System?? We absolutely 100% recommend The FP System as an essential part of any serious punters portfolio, not just because the system is so good, but because of the support and advice that comes with it - go get it!"

Online Betting Exposed, July 2008

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Online Betting Exposed

From the desk of Matt Watson

Dear Respected Colleague,

Can I ask you ... How much money are you "really" making from betting?

Do you ever wonder if it's really possible to make a living from professional sports investing?

I imagine you've bought countless systems ... maybe even made a small profit, but then been disappointed by yet another useless over-hiped method which just doesn't deliver.

Do you keep throwing your hard-earned money away, month after month, as you search for that elusive golden egg which is going to solve all your problems and make you rich?

Forgive me for being so bold but let's cut to the chase... Ready?...

The "magic" solution... the golden pot at the end of the rainbow... whatever you want to call it, doesn't exist.

Can I say it again?... it does not exist.

If you beg to differ, then that's OK. Head over to Google, type in "horse racing", and read through the hundreds of hyped up sales letters and fancy graphics. There's no shortage of them and you can dream away to your hearts content...

Now if you're still with me, then great because you clearly already know that earning money from betting is not quite as simple as some would have you believe.

You can't get rich over night and be debt-free in a week.

You can't leave your boring day job and be financially independent for the rest of your life...

At least that is, unless you are prepared to do a bit of hard work at the beginning, and show some commitment... then it's a different story.

Professional sports investing is about long term profits, not making money one week and then losing it the next.

If You Are Running Round in Circles
and Struggling to Make a Profit


"Easy day today, if I lived near the beach I would be off!!

I found yesterday very interesting and was pleased with my grasp of the system. Your feedback on the day I hope was appreciated by everyone. I certainly welcomed it.

I have used a SAW method in the past and boy did I get wiped out bad one day. Your approach is fresh and very welcome.

I am pleased to have added the FP System to my portfolio as I can see the long term potential for consistent returns. I dread to think how many duff systems/tipster services I have tried in the past but I am now happy to run as I am."

Kind regards: RD,
Yorkshire, UK

Here's a simple 4 step process that will get you on the right track.

Look at what other successful sports investors are doing.

Copy them, or better still, ask them to teach you

Take a long-term approach, and by that I mean 6 to 12 months

Concentrate on one thing at a time and slowly build up your portfolio

Let me tell you... this is definitely possible and if you'll allow me, I'm going to show you how — it's not that difficult either.

Imagine this for a moment... 3 months from now you could be making consistent profits from betting.

In 6 months, your confidence and expertise has grown, and you are able to supplement your income and pay for some extra luxuries.

12 months from now, you have the option to give up your job, and work from where ever you like as a professional sports investor.

Total freedom to do what you want, and of course, your earnings are 100% tax-free.

If You are Willing to Put in Some Effort and Dedication,
Then You Have Arrived at The Right Place.


Here's what the long-standing betting regulatory and investigative service, The 'Secret Betting Club' had to say:

"Matt's customer service is tremendous! As he has a personal commitment to each customer and we have found him to provide extraordinarily quick responses to emails and been thoroughly amenable at all times.

What we have in the FP system is a very interesting product and one that is striving to be transparent and different to many of the existing SAW products on the market. SAW systems have been abused for far too long so the FP system is a welcome addition."

Dan Jones & Mike Bishop,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt Watson, and I have been making a comfortable living as a professional sports investor since 2006.

I have always approached betting from a business point of view, and have no particular emotional interest in horse racing, football, tennis or any other sport for that matter.

My only prior experience of any kind of betting was at the dog track, where I'd occasionally put £2 on a dog and then jump up and down shouting "guon number 6!)

Didn't help much I can tell you...

In 2005, I was introduced to the concept of betting on horses to lose rather than win, otherwise known as lay betting.

I think most of us have been there, and if you're like me, then you will have realized by now that lay betting is a tough nut to crack.

In fact, to this day, I only have 1 laying method in my betting portfolio, and believe me, I've tried a few.

Personally, I've always found it easier to make consistent profits from backing rather than laying, and there is one particular method of betting of which I have become a renowned expert.

I am talking about something which is known as Stop-At-A-Winner, or S.A.W. for short.

Many people have recently become attracted to this type of betting, because it generally doesn't involve any hard work studying form or other complicated selection processes.

I must warn you however, that if you're not careful, things can go horribly wrong, and the consequences can be disastrous.

Here's a Typical Illustration of How Most People Approach
S.A.W. Betting and Why it Really Doesn't Work.

Let's take horse racing as an example, and it goes something like this...

  1. Decide how much you want to win
  2. Back the first favorite of the day.
  3. If your horse wins, stop for the day.
  4. If your horse loses, add your loss to the amount you originally wanted to win, and bet on the next favorite.
  5. Cary on until you hopefully reach a winner and then stop.
  6. Lose huuuuuuuuge amounts of money, if not your entire bank.

So it's eeeeeeasy right? Decide how much you want to win, back favorites, and stop at the first winner.

Well sorry to be a boar, but if it was really this easy then there'd be a serious amount of jobs available, and the rest of us would be betting from the beach in Thailand ...

How do I know? ...

I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt...

(come closer... I'm whispering... It's got "M U G" written on it ...)

So with that brilliant idea out the window ...

Could Tipsters Be The Answer?

There are a number of tipsters whose services revolve around Stop At A Winner strategies.

The only difference is that the selections are predetermined, so you don't have to watch the live market.

Now let me ask you something ...

Do you know a tipster, Anywhere, who doesn't have a losing run at some point?

Let me know!

I once followed a talented tipster who went for a very long period of time without a loss, and then had several in the space of 6 weeks, wiping out most of my previous years profits.

Here's one of my experiences from using a Stop-At-A-Winner tipster (I'd love to name them...)

1st October - 15th October, 2005: Made £1600

"Not bad" I hear you say...

16th October, 2005: Lost £1100

"Ouch", but still in profit

17th October - 28th October, 2005: Made £600

29th October, 2005: ...wait for it...

Lost £4000...

Yes, four thousand pounds... gone.

I could give you countless other experiences, but I think you'll probably agree that going the tipster route is no better than blindly backing favorites on your own.

Furthermore, both scenarios outlined above are "gambling" in the truest sense of the word, because you have no concrete evidence of when the next winner will be found.

Is Stop-At-A-winner Just A Waste Of Time?

Well, I was beginning to think so, and most of my professional sports investing buddies share the same opinion too.

After my £4000 disaster, I actually felt quite ashamed and like a complete idiot.

Ask anybody who knows me however, and they will tell you that I am not one to give up easily in life.

So I decided to take a step back and really drill down on what had gone wrong.

Hundreds Of frustrating Hours And Almost A Year Later

I was left with a system which made my pain-staking research pale into insignificance.

"What did you do next" you might ask ...

Used it of course! ... added it to my portfolio and increased my profits by 200 points in 2006 and a whapping 337 points in 2007.

Allow me therefore to introduce you to ...


The Only Way To Take The Gamble Out Of Stop At A Winner And Profit For Ever!


"I do like the FP system and Matt Watson is a very creditable guy who ticks all the right boxes when it comes to selling a successful racing system.

FP is different to similar products on the market in that it actually works!"

Terry Allen,

Here's what you won't find in the FP System™

No long losing runs

No guesswork

No chasing huge losses

No heart attacks

No expensive monthly fees for useless tipsters

No splitting cycles (don't worry if you don't know what a cycle is, you don't need to)

No betting at crazy low odds

Imagine finally having access to a system which delivers healthy profits month in, month out.

Picture this ... you switch on your computer in the afternoon, perform a simple check which takes less than 5 minutes, and then know with 98% certainty that you are going to make money.

That's it!

And it gets even better ...

Imagine knowing that on the odd occasion when things don't go your way (and this Will happen), that you will know exactly how much you stand to lose before you place a single bet.

Think this is pie in the sky?... Think again!

And get this ... if you can't be at your computer during the live racing, the FP System Betting Bot will do all the work for you.

Proven system + powerful technology = no effort and big consistant profits for you

Let's Take A Look At Some Results:

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Jan + 28.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 16.0 pts + 14.0 pts + 17.0 pts + 9.0 pts
Feb + 9.5 pts + 28.0 pts + 3.1 pts + 12.0 pts + 15.0 pts + 11.0 pts + 10.0 pts
Mar - 6.5 pts + 31.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 18.0 pts + 15.0 pts - 37.0 pts - 7.0 pts
Apr + 0.1 pts + 28.0 pts + 29.0 pts + 4.0 pts - 4.0 pts + 17.0 pts
May + 11.2 pts + 31.0 pts + 27.0 pts + 14.0 pts - 12.0 pts + 17.0 pts
Jun + 30.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 23.0 pts - 8.0 pts + 15.0 pts + 16.0 pts
Jul + 30.0 pts + 31.0 pts + 1.0 pts - 5.0 pts + 16.0 pts - 15.0 pts
Aug - 6.5 pts + 31.0 pts + 24.0 pts + 19.0 pts + 2.0 pts + 18.0 pts
Sep + 29.0 pts + 30.0 pts + 3.0 pts - 12.0 pts + 18.0 pts + 20.0 pts
Oct + 31.0 pts + 19.0 pts - 21.0 pts + 3.0 pts + 22.0 pts + 23.0 pts
Nov + 30.0 pts + 16.1 pts + 8.0 pts + 20.0 pts + 12.0 pts + 12.0 pts
Dec + 26.0 pts + 28.0 pts + 19.0 pts + 15.0 pts - 17.0 pts + 10.0 pts

The FP System™ is the culmination of a mammoth amount of work:

6 months of going round in circles, ending in a massive loss.

A year of research, in which I analyzed every single day of racing in the UK from the year 2000 onwards (and by the way, this sort of research can't be done with software), you have to sift through by hand.

18 months of live testing, tweaking and implementing, over and over again.

As any good system should be, the FP System™ is not at all complicated to use, or understand.

You get step-by-step, do this, do that instructions which are specifically designed to guide you through every step of the way.

What's more, you won't have to sift through the usual 75 pages of fluff and nonsense. The manual itself is about 14 pages in length, and you get 1, 2, 3 instructions every step of the way.

Here's What You'll Find In The FP System™ Manual

A simple 8 step getting started process which will have you up and running in no time at all... follow these steps and you'll be on your way to long-term profits quicker than you ever thought possible.

The 4 biggest mistakes 98% of people make with Stop-At-A-Winner betting, and what you can do to easily avoid them.

The one golden rule you must absolutely follow to insure your long-term success with the FP System™... deceptively simple but an absolute life saver... ignore this at your peril, and believe me, you won't find this advice anywhere else.

The 6 steps I follow each and every time I bet which keep me ahead of the game, and fully in control at all times. It's taken me two years to figure this out and you can benefit right away.

You will also have access to very clear instructions on staking, size of bank, methods of placing bets, back checking the results and lots of other invaluable advice, with just one thing in mind... your success with the FP System™.

I imagine you're probably getting quite excited by now, and with good reason too!

Let's Look at the Facts...

  1. You now know that going it alone with Stop-At-A-Winner would probably prove to be a complete disaster.
  2. You also know that using tipsters doesn't work in the long-term for this sort of betting.
  3. You know however, that by using the right statistics, combined with the right expertise, that making a healthy income from betting is not that far away.
  4. You know that the FP System™ has been developed by somebody who walks the talk when it comes to Stop-At-A-Winner.
  5. You know that you are getting more than 2 and a half years of fully researched results and a proven staking plan to go with them.
  6. You know that you are getting 3 years of my vast experience with Stop-At-A-Winner betting, laid out on a plate, in plane and simple English.

Let me ask you, if somebody came up to you and said here's a killer system with a proven track record, which if used properly, will consistently spit money out month after month, year after year, for the rest of your life, would you be interested?

I thought so! ...

How Much Would a System Like
This be Worth to You?

Let's take a quick look at some numbers ...

In 2007 Alone, the FP System™ made 334 points profit.

Now if you were just aiming to make £10 per point, then you would have made £3340 in tax free income!

If you were aiming for £30 a point, then you would have made over £10000 in tax free profits!

I personally aim for £50 per point, which means that in 2007 I made £16700 from the FP System™ alone.

There are bogus tipsters out there charging upwards of £100 per month for information which as we've seen doesn't even make a profit in the long run.

£100 X 12 = £1200 per year.

Now of course, I'm not going to ask you to part with £1200 for the FP System™, even though the profit-pulling potential of this brilliantly simple system makes it easily worth that ...

But how about if I slashed that figure in half and asked for a one off payment of £600?

Over a 12 month period that's a mere £50 per month, for a system which has made over 800 points profit since January 2006.

I'm not even going to ask for £400 either...

your total investment for this amazingly simple cash-pulling system is just...

[Button] Click here to get started now!

Spread over a full 12 months, this is a measly £8.08 per month.

Now I can't say fairer than that...

And if you like the idea of completely automating your betting, then you can test-drive the FP System Betting Bot completely free of charge for a full 14 days once you become a member.

After this, subscription to the FP Betting Bot is just £35 a month ... which is more than 6 times cheeper than some other rip-off services I could mention.

But wait! Because it's about to get even better

You may remember I said earlier that I put my money where my mouth is, well I'm going to prove it to you...

The FP System™ comes with a 100%, no questions asked iron-clad full 60 day...

Money Back Guarantee


"Thanks very much, Matt. I've had my refund notification from Paypal already so thanks again for dealing with it so promptly.

You're obviously one of the decent system sellers. I've heard horror stories about how difficult it is to get guarantees honoured."

Ken Greenwood

What I'm saying is don't decide now if the FP System™ is right for you or not.

Take it for a test-drive, learn to use it at your own pace, and if you're not 100% satisfied

Then just ask for a refund.

Yes, you read that correctly... If at any point during your first 60 days of using the FP System™ you feel it is not right for you or you are not making a profit, then I will personally refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

But it doesn't stop there, look what else I'm including in the deal ...

Bonus Number 1:

The FP System™ Calculator
(Worth £60)

This is a really handy little tool which keeps track of all your bets, and works out the exact stake you need to place.

It has been designed specially to work with the FP System™ and means you can keep your mind on the job with ease.

Bonus Number 2:

My Friendly and Helpful Email Support

For as long as you need it... value, priceless!

The incredible accuracy of the FP System™ means that your tiny investment of £97 will pay you back time and time again for years to come.

[Button] Click here to get started now!

If you have any other questions or concerns, just visit FP System Support and I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours.

P.S. Remember, you are not "paying" for the FP System™, you are making an Investment, one which will pay you back time and time again.

P.P.S. Rest assured that you are covered by my 100% 60 day, no questions asked full money back guarantee.

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